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Wedding Cards

Updated: Apr 9

Indian wedding invitations 1989 onward

Designing wedding cards for the British Asian community became my expertise for over 10 years. This was a pioneering trend that stretched all the way back to India. Illustrations reflected traditional imagery of Hindu, Sikh and Muslim weddings. One card has been immortalized at the #V&A museum in London 

These printed wedding invitation cards were produce by Jenwill  printers and PIPI printers in Belgrave Leicester, also known as the golden mile.

Over the years, I designed over 30 different cards. Esach of them were uniquely created to use die casting and gold foil printing. This was all possible because of the cutting edge printing techniques revolution happening at that time. These invitations became the the theme to many large Indian weddings often consisting of hundreds of guests, with many still surviving today as part of the the 90's wedding legacy.


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