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Bhangra CD cover design

Updated: Apr 9

In the 80's the Bhangra scene was just starting. I lived in Leicester with my young family and was working on a series of greeting cards when I was given the opportunity to work on an album cover for an upcoming band Alaap. This was the era of day timers, the British Asian music scene was growing like wildfire.

1990's image of a daytimer in Leicester Krstals club.
A daytime bhangra gig in Leicester during the 1990's

At it's peak I was designing two albums a week. Sometimes I would get a name for the album or a theme and a design would need to be created within a few hours. Everything was analogue, ideas were explained by phone and once the sketches on paper were complete, a final design was created on board with gouache. I used brush and airbrush techniques I learnt at college.

I wanted to bring both Asian and British styles together to form an altogether new style of work for the growing local Indian community. This music became the background tracks for many young Asians growing up in the midlands but even stretched as far as Canada.

My work took to me on photography trips to day timers at Krystal and studio shoots with bands like DCS, Premi and Apna Sangeet. It was a momentous time, I'm glad to have been a small part of it.

I recently came across these designs, as fresh as the day they were designed. The airbrush techniques are long lost to computer generated images but the beauty of something one can hold and touch still stands today. We certainly enjoyed going through the old photos.



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