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Exhibition happenings....

Updated: May 14

Here is a sneaky peak behind the scenes of my upcoming exhibition at Leicester Museums, in September 2024.

You often see versions of the artworks edited, prepared, polished and presented. You don't experience the chaos, the stored piles of 'stuff' accumulated, the combing through of artworks created over 60 years, the conversations, the notes and the endless documentation....

But it is all quitely happening...

Hashing through a stack of work.

My work in storage

Some bhangra cd cover artworks

Framing possibilities

Looking through the work, I am reminded of a time when I was just trying to make it happen, the conversations, ambition and my stubborn determination being a driving force. I took on so many projects, saying yes to opportunities then figuring out how to do it. I became self taught through necessity.

Seeing my work spread out before us, my daughter recognises a thread of that younger me, evident through all my works. Looking back, I consider myself very fortunate to have had the chance to spend my life as an artist.

We are now going through the process of selecting which stories to tell from this vast collection of accumilated works. The exhibition will give a little insight into my colourful journey.

Exhibition - India to Leicester: an artist's journey

Happening soon - September 2024

At Leicester Museums

College work.


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