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Learning from old to make new.

Updated: 6 days ago

I grew up around an artist that always taught me to be humble, to not be afraid to watch and learn from others. Being creative doesn't not mean you invent a new way of creating, after all even cave people drew inspiration from nature. So here's a short blog about the artists that inspire Kamal Koria. (My dad)


Kamal Koria is a contemporary artist who likes to blend the influences of greats like Amedeo Modigliani a 1830s Italian artist , Pablo Picasso, and M.F. Husain into his own unique style. He believes that there’s nothing entirely new in art; rather, it’s a privilege to draw inspiration from these iconic artists.

Koria’s work often reflects the elegant, elongated forms and soulful eyes seen in Modigliani’s portraits. He captures the essence of his subjects with simple, graceful lines, making his art timeless and introspective, much like Modigliani's.

The bold, experimental spirit of Pablo Picasso also shines through in Koria’s paintings. By playing with abstraction and cubism, Koria breaks away from conventional forms and perspectives, creating dynamic and fragmented compositions that nod to Picasso’s cubism approach.

Finaly there’s the vibrant energy of Indian artist, M.F. Husain, which is vividly present in Koria’s use of color and narrative. Koria’s paintings, rich with cultural and rural themes, celebrating the vibrancy of Indian life, echoing Husain’s storytelling mastery.

And that is a significant part of Kamal Koria’s charm, his focus on rural scenes and everyday people. He paints arid dramatic landscapes, bustling village markets, and traditional homes, bringing the essence of rural life to canvas. His subjects include farmers at work, women in bright saris, and children playing in open fields, all depicted with a warm, authentic nostalgic glow.

Koria’s art beautifully captures the simplicity, struggles, and joys of rural life, honoring his roots and preserving the beauty of these scenes in full colour.

In the end, Kamal Koria’s paintings are a celebration of the past and the present. By drawing from Modigliani, Picasso, and Husain, he creates something that feels both familiar and fresh, proving that art is about building on what came before and finding your own voice within it. What art inspires you?

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