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Kamals suggestions for keeping creative.

Updated: Jun 4

My dad owns a small mountain of sketchbooks, each one containing drawings, poetry and the occasional phone number scribbled in a corner. I have always tried to maintain the same discipline but have failed so far. I asked my dad for his 5 tips to keep creative in our busy lives and here they are.

1. Sketch a Little Every Day

Make sketching a daily habit, even if it's just for a few minutes. It doesn't have to be anything fancy—just grab your sketchbook and doodle whatever comes to mind. The more you do it, the better you'll get, and you'll start to notice all the little details in the world around you.

2. Dive into Indian Art Styles

Get inspiration and India has some great traditional art styles like Warli, Gond, and Pattachitra. Try out these different styles in your sketchbook. It's a fun way to mix things up and learn more about India's rich artistic heritage. Plus, you might find the journey brings out a style that is your very own.

3. Capture Your Inspirations

Think of your sketchbook as a visual diary. Draw the things that inspire you—whether it's the bustling streets, beautiful landscapes, or intricate patterns in textiles and architecture. Jot down notes about where you saw these things and why they stood out to you. Your sketchbook can become a treasure chest of ideas that you can look through.

4. Play with Different Materials

Don’t just stick to pencils—try out watercolors, inks, charcoals, or even mix them all together. Indian contemporary art isoften vibrantly colored so go ahead and use some bold hues. Experimenting with different colours, textures and mediums will help you discover new ways to express yourself In your sketchbook.

Sketch indian cowgirl
Sketch indian cowgirl

5. Look Back and Reflect

Every now and then, flip through your old sketches. It's a great way to see how much you've improved and to find unfinished ideas you might want to revisit. Make some notes about what you've learned and what you'd like to try next. It's all part of the creative journey!

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