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Commissioned paintings

Updated: Mar 15

Story of the Gray lady painting.

In 2015 we received an inquiry via the website. My website had been lie for a few years but the content was mostly informal blog content. While I had sold a few works around the globe, selling was not my objective .I was still learning and forming my style.

I received, the email from a couple in California early in the year. They had seen a painting on my website that I had sold at the Oxford Artweeks the year before. They were a little disappointed, so I revived an old sketch that was similar to the painting they were after.

This wonderful couple came to me after they experience a fire. They lived in Californian forest which suffered a catastrophic fire in which all their possessions were destroyed.

Lady Gray was created to help them to settle into their new home. I wanted to gie them a painting that reflected strength and resilience of the female body. Bold solid shapes leaning on each other.

Above: Me with my paining - Lady Gray - Acrylic and mixed media on canvas


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